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Living health.

Trust, performance and safety 

The new alliance

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With the founding of the Upper Austria Health Services, the Upper Austria health and accident insurers – an alliance of KKFG, KFL and LKUF – have taken a forward-looking decision. Cooperation instead of consolidation, securing the benefits of existing facilities, joint strategic focus, combined negotiating power, targeted prevention and early detection, service clearing and joint e-health orientation ensure maximum added value for our members.


Objectives of the OÖGF Alliance

  • Bundling of mutual strategic interests
  • Pioneering role in prevention and early detection
  • Joint negotiating power
  • Joint service contracts
  • eHealth/digitalisation – modern, future-oriented systems
  • Joint projects

When prevention, early detection and health awareness are the central focus and promoted, quality of life and healthy years of life are increased for our members, reducing the costs of consequences and successfully countering demographic trends. We work together to ensure and further develop a high-quality range of services and care oriented to patient needs. We see potential over the medium- and long-term of development to not only maintain, but also expand the quality and effectiveness of the level of services with our system partners.

Together, we are proactively approaching the opportunities and potential of new technological developments, such as digitalisation. Openness to new possibilities and benefits for our members are the focus of our vision for e-Health strategy.

Trust and security

The Upper Austrian Health Care insurers are financed exclusively by employer and employee contributions and deductibles of the insured members. The application of the advantages and added-value of the OÖGF supports our common objectives and also enables a sustainable, stable economic development for the partners of the OÖGF – without grants/subsidies from the public sector. Especially when it comes to one's own health and the existential issue of security, trust is an important asset.