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Living health.

Dental prophylaxis

KFL Services

The association between dental health and general health has been confirmed many times. Prophylaxis in this area is a “must” from early childhood on to reduce the need for curative and restorative measures to a minimum.



Innovative rehabilitation methods

Our outpatient rehab services range is growing. recoveriX is one of the newest modern therapies used for hemiplegia rehabilitation after a stroke. This treatment is based on imagining movements in the brain, which are converted into movement using a computer interface, even when paralysis is actually present. This training stimulates the network of neurons in the brain and creates connections to restore the lost functions as well as possible.




High-quality health services on offer

As part of the collaboration with Upper Austrian Health Care (OÖGF), we are pleased to be able to offer you an extended and high-quality prevention package with skilled service partners.

In contrast to routine preventive care, a trusted medical advisor accompanies you during interdisciplinary examinations, which are conducted using high tech medicine. This allows detection of risk factors and diseases at early stages. The clear and structured processes keep your wait time to a minimum.

Rounding out this innovative “VorsorgePlus Range”, an individualised health roadmap is created with many tips for maintaining and improving your health.

More information on these prevention incentives can be found at the information platform: online.kflooe.at